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HATCH are behaviour nerds who look at how humans think, connect, create culture and HATCH new ideas. For too long, assumption and guesswork have prevailed when it comes to business culture and motivation. We approach every project as a social scientific research initiative, with practical, actionable outcomes. Using our analytic methods we will help you better understand your people, your culture and your workplace.

Monica Parker


Monica Parker’s background spans management positions in a variety of settings, both corporate and non-profit, with a vast knowledge of navigating and communicating organisational change.

An international speaker and presenter, Monica brings to the team at HATCH fifteen years’ experience in understanding the influence of environments and processes on human behaviour.

Monica’s research focuses on behaviour change in the workplace, its barriers and its benefits.

Her role at HATCH is to help clients challenge their notion of the status quo, and see the performance benefits of workplace transformation.

Monica studied design at the University of Miami and received her MSc (Distinction) from Queens University Belfast specialising in Organisational Behaviour.

Julian Pollitt

Managing Director

Julian Pollitt’s design and management background brings 24 years commercial experience to the company he has been involved in workplace interiors managing international companies for the last 14.

Julian studied design at the University of Buckinghamshire and received his Master’s specialising in Interior and 3D design.

Julian’s experiences range from high profile corporate clients to charitable organizations. His role involves ongoing consultation within the project team as well as close liaison with the client to ensure specification fulfils the set criteria.

Fiona Henry – HATCH Anallytics

Fiona Henry

Head of Change and Communications

Joining HATCH after a career in corporate communications, most recently with Prudential, Fiona Henry has a keen understanding of communicating and navigating organisational change.

Currently, she works with clients as a communications consultant on projects, helping them to develop and implement communications strategies and plans. The bulk of her work with HATCH focusses on change management programmes and communications related to workplace strategy and changes to organisational ways of working.

Fiona’s strength is creating clear and simple messages from complex and technical topics. Her change approach is practical and pragmatic, always recognising the criticality of a change programme not impinging on, but rather supporting BAU.

Fiona has over twenty years’ experience developing, shaping and implementing communications strategies and campaigns to internal business audiences and the B2B marketplace.

Joe HATCH Analytics Team

Joe McDevitt

Research Psychologist

HATCH Analytics team: Jennifer Casali

Jennifer Casali

Workplace Consultant

HATCH Analytics team: J. Kelly Hoey

J. Kelly Hoey

Change Consultant
(New York)

Sandra Rasqui HATCH Team

Dr Sandra Rasqui

Consulting Psychologist (UK)

Breanna Detwiler HATCH team

Breanna Detwiler

Communications Consultant (US)

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