Data Collection & Analysis

The HATCH Survey

The HATCH survey gathers a hybrid of qualitative and quantitative workplace data in an extremely efficient manner. The full survey comprises three modules which can be deployed in combination or separately and all offer benchmarking capabilities against HATCH’s global database.

HATCH Online Workspace Survey

Don’t have sufficient light to be effective

Say they have enough time available to collaborate with their colleagues

Feel they lack fresh air quality

Say that an ‘always on’ work culture is what contributes to work/life imbalance

Are satisfied with their acoustic privacy

Do not have a sufficient variety of work settings

Module 1:

Organisational Behaviour

We are able to test for an examine factors that experience tells us will influence behaviour in an organisation.

Module 2:


This module takes into considerations the “whole person”, their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Module 3:


This module provides employees with the opportunity to feedback about their physical working environment, providing invaluable data not only about what is good or bad – but exactly what’s missing or could be better.

Global Reach

Over 40,000 surveys to date:


For further information regarding our HATCH survey, please download the below PDF:

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