What We Do

Data Collection & Analysis

The Behaviour and Workplace Survey is the discovery portion of our work – collecting quantitative, qualitative and hybrid data about your physical space, processes and cultural attitudes towards work.


– Engages and creates ownership of process amongst employees from beginning
– Gathers information about cultural appetite for change
– Validates investments and strategies
– Deployed pre and post change, to track improvement


– Online survey to all staff customisable and totally anonymous
– Uses validated questionnaire collection approach
– Questions cover facilities, culture, wellbeing, behaviour, IT and facilities
– Communications support to ensure response rate of at least 66% to ensure statistical validity

Our response rate averages at 82% and we don’t test less than 66%

HATCH Survey

Through deeper discussion we seek to understand both the process and cultural landscape of the business.

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Our unique photographic survey visually captures your workplace story and helps you to understand where culture and space connect.

This information helps the project team, designers, workplace consultants and change managers better understand how culture and personal values of employees are supported by their physical environment.

Why photos? Because data shows that asking people to take, draw or look at pictures triggers a different part of the brain and thus generates different, more thoughtful responses than just interview questions.