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Through the application of psychological principles and social science we provide our clients with actionable data to develop the best possible workplaces and cultures for their business.

Here at HATCH we view your business through a social scientific lens and provide businesses with the means to make evidence based decisions about their workplace transformation.

Data collection

We don’t look at projects in isolation. We look at the three spheres of work – people, place and technology – and ensure each of those interlinking elements are considered. We are independent. We test and re-test. We are evidence-based with a distinctly human-centric approach and that is what makes us fundamentally different. We have a whole toolbox of validated measures at our fingertips because no two businesses are the same, no two solutions are the same.

HATCH Data Collection


Phido is HATCH’s own unique photographic survey mobile app which helps businesses understand how culture and space connect. This information helps the workplace team, designers, consultants and change managers better understand how the cultural and personal values of employees are supported by their physical environment. 

Why photos? Data show that asking people to take, draw or look at pictures triggers a different part of the brain and thus generates different, thoughtful responses. Photos are also an excellent way to break through survey fatigue and can be used as a quick pulse or post-occupancy check.


Change management

HATCH act as the ‘rocket fuel’ for your change program. First we help set the change strategy. Next, HATCH train and support your internal team to deliver the strategy using our workplace change toolkit. Since HATCH clients are global, we are experts in delivering change modules both virtually or face-to-face, making sure no one gets left behind. We use a community model of change, leveraging existing sinews of connectivity within the organisation, finding that change is adopted more quickly from people who already share a social cohesion. This means faster adoption of new processes, less ramp up time, lower change related attrition, and a more successful transformation. These all equate to stickier change at a lower consultant fee.

Our approach is collaborative, working with you as experts of your own business to understand the challenges faced and the best way forward,  matching that with an evidence-led approach. We bring our expertise in managing change in similar environments, along with our understanding of the psychology of behaviour. Your programme is built on both essential change principles as well as global best practice, to maximise success of your transition. 

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Our Team

HATCH are behaviour nerds who look at how humans think, connect, create culture and HATCH new ideas.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is not just a strategy initiative. It should be integrated into every aspect of a business, from design to processes; communications to culture. Every part of the employee experience should be accessible and equitable. HATCH use validated psychological measures and our proven change management approach to help you understand the data behind your culture and identify the specific gaps or barriers where people might be getting left behind. We then work with internal stakeholders to help craft and deliver interventions that have measurable impact and help you to create a diverse, inclusive and dynamic culture.

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Sometimes big conversations need external support. HATCH facilitators engage stakeholders and draw out key topics for discussion, helping find consensus and pin down next steps. Whether a large or small group, HATCH facilitations are tailored to your specific project outcomes. Founder Monica Parker is particularly adept at challenging and guiding even the most senior executives towards shared, actionable goals.

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Custom research

HATCH are experts in research and we use these skills in custom research and whitepapers. These whitepapers can be based on secondary research focusing on existing published data, or can involve a piece of custom, primary research designed and gathered by HATCH social scientists. We will work with you to develop what research question you seek to answer, understand what you hope to achieve with the research and what audience you want to appeal to with the finished product. The end result is a deeply researched, well-written and polished piece.

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