What We Do

We are not designers or developers. We are behaviour nerds who look at how humans think, connect and HATCH new ideas.

We approach every project as a social scientific research initiative. Using our analytical methods we will help you better understand your people and your workplace.

Using our analytical methods we will help you better understand your people and your workplace.

We can tell you what your staff like and don’t like in their workplace, but also collect the cultural clues you need to make informed decisions about your workplace.

We don’t just ask the right questions, we ask them in the right way. We test and retest. We’re evidence based, that’s what makes us fundamentally different.

Our Story

We are independent. We test and re-test. We are data-based with a distinctly human-centric approach and that is what makes us fundamentally different. We have a whole toolbox at our fingertips because no two businesses are the same, no two solutions are the same.

Our Approach

Imagine if you could model future employee behaviour patterns and create organisational policy based on it. It may sound far–fetched, HATCH have the analytical modules to do just that, helping businesses go from good to great.

Data Collection & Analysis

The Behaviour and Workplace Survey is the discovery portion of our work – collecting quantitative, qualitative and hybrid data about your physical space, processes and cultural attitudes towards work.

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Visioning Innovation

Our visioning process helps you to look at the bigger picture and set the scene for your future workplace. What could it look like? How could it work? How far do you go? What are the barriers you face?

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is not just a strategy initiative. It should be integrated into every aspect of a business, from design to processes; communications to culture. Every part of the employee experience should be accessible and equitable. HATCH use validated psychological measures and our proven change management approach to help you understand the data behind your culture and identify the specific gaps or barriers where people might be getting left behind. We then work with internal stakeholders to help craft and deliver interventions that have measurable impact and help you to create a diverse, inclusive and dynamic culture.

Our Work

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