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Monica Parker has a vast knowledge of navigating and communicating organisational change. She’s an international speaker for Global Conferences, TEDx and has appeared on BBC Worldwide as an authority on workplace strategy.

Monica Parker has been an author, speaker, designer, CEO, activist, investigator, clown, opera singer and, most recently, founder of HATCH, a human analytics and change consultancy that specialises in the future of work.

Her specialism of more than a decade has been navigating and communicating organisational change. She has been quoted for a number of publications including The Economist, Forbes, The Guardian and The Sunday Times, and is a workplace authority for CNN, BBC Radio and BBC Worldwide.

Parker’s early career was punctuated by her work as a homicide investigator defending death row inmates for Florida’s Department of Justice. Her academic qualifications include the University of Miami, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Queens University Belfast.

Her current role as founder of HATCH is to inspire positive action to make work life better.


Thanks for today Monica! I thought your presentation was utterly brilliant. Don't tell the others, but yours was the best rated of the conference. Hope to have you back next year.

Monica gave such an inspiring talk. Even got the crowd singing!

Fantastic and inspiring presentation. Lots of food for thought!

I can't wait to re-listen to the amazing @monicacparker when the recordings for today get released. Speaking to my heart.

A brilliant presentation by @monicacparker about the importance of people and engagement.

She had the kind of speaking voice that could make the phonebook sound entertaining.

Dr Rob Yeung
Monica Parker founder HATCH

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