Knowledge Brokers


London, United Kingdom


Dec 2017


Helped the company integrate two offices into one, both with distinctly different cultures. In addition, aided the transition of the majority of staff from north to east London. This allowed them to hit the ground running with a new way of working tailored to their specific proclivities.

Services Provided

Data collection and analysis, visioning and design integration with Maris Interiors. Helped support on communication and change management.

Goals & Challenges

United workforce separated by floorplans and cultural differences under ‘One Wilmington’ vision; defined etiquettes and common cultural denominators for the new workspace in Whitechapel.

How We Helped

Evidence: Data collection, behavioural analysis that formed the foundation of the workplace strategy.

Workplace Strategy: Implementation of new ways of working through variety of work settings, unallocated desks in alignment with cultural shift towards unity while celebrating unique differences between companies; promotion of autonomy in work tasks and increased focus on physical and mental wellbeing of staff.