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London, United Kingdom




Merged 4 locations into 1 central city location; adopted radically different way of working both of which required fundamental workplace culture change.

Services Provided

Full workplace strategy including data collection, executive stakeholder engagement, visioning, communication programme, branding alignment, bespoke survey analysis, and customised change management support.

Goals & Challenges

Tag initially saw the move from four separate locations to a single site as primarily physical, a property centric move.

Following data collection, leadership engagement and facilitated visioning the business shifted to a dual property and people centric view. Knowing the work culture to be disparate and already under stress, Tag saw it as pivotal to engage their staff and saw the project as an opportunity to address many of the underlying cultural concerns that ultimately would have an impact on the long term success of the project. Opting to radically alter their way of working to make the most of the new space from a traditional, binary ‘desk or meeting room’ style to a more dynamic and agile way of working with desk sharing and alternate work settings, the business wanted to create internally the collaborative, creative and innovative aspects it projects externally.

How We Helped

Data collection, behavioural analysis and senior executive engagement that formed the foundation of the workplace strategy.

Developed a robust and transparent communication plan. Partnered with business change leaders to deliver an internally driven change management program, featuring custom high level support.