Charity healthcare


Epsom, United Kingdom




Culture change, space reduction, cost savings. Creating a workplace that reflected their ethos of wellbeing, learning, community and modernity.

Services Provided

Data collection, stakeholder engagement, visioning, design briefing, site selection, communication and change programme.

Goals & Challenges

Move a fairly traditional business to full agile working including home working, hot-desking, and open plan for executives.

How We Helped

Buy-in: Worked closely with executive stakeholders to inform the recommended cultural change and provide the underpinning for physical, organisational, and behavioural change. Helped move the organisation from a space-centric to people-centric approach.

Cost savings: Because of Nuffield’s charity status, it was important that the space be modern and functional, but not palatial. Through agile working, Nuffield were able to move to less space, housing more people, and include numerous dynamic worksettings, social area, and wellbeing zones.

Values: Aligned organisational values and ethos of wellbeing, learning, and modernity with the new workplace and ways of working. Developed recommendations for enhanced workplace services, catering, IT, and workspaces that supported the integrity of that brand image, such as a health conscious cafeteria, world-class gym, and consultant rooms on site.