Central London


Phase 1, 2014


Culture alignment in
a hypergrowth firm

Services Provided

Global workplace strategy, leadership engagement, data collection and analysis.

Goals & Challenges

Accommodate a rapid increase in headcount while reflecting the dynamic and creative nature of the brand. Offering a high-spec, high-amenity work environment with Central London rates.

Balancing the design standards from the US with the local organisational ethos. Applied the learning from the workplace process for two office fit-outs separated by 12 months.

HATCH Analytics | LinkedIn

How We Helped

Data collection: Deployed a global survey that formed the basis of the organisation’s workplace approach.

Buy-in: Worked closely with executive stakeholders in the US to develop and provide the underpinning for a design approach. Helped the London team better understand the local organisational needs whilst staying true to the LinkedIn standards.

Brand messaging: Aligned external and internal brand images. Developed recommendations for enhanced services, catering, IT and work.