Custom research paper on basic human needs

Services Provided

Literature review of basic human needs. Developed taxonomy for the topic, exploring needs throughout the history of man, and which are actually primary to human functioning.

Goals & Challenges

LendLease build long-term projects that may span decades and are meant to last, in some cases, centuries. When building for generations to come, and not just today, how does LendLease ensure that the spaces and places they design actually meet the needs of the humans who will use that environment today and tomorrow? HATCH researchers set out to answer this question with a literature review of psychological, anthropological and sociological data on the topic. With suggestions for possible primary research at a further stage, HATCH researched, wrote and referenced a 25,000 word whitepaper, as well as gave guidance on design, data and infographics. Equally suited for academia or commercial distribution, the paper was used to support a large LendLease project in East London.